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s una empresa con nivel social, bueno competitivo exelente
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Good money

Pick up loads and delievwr to dollar tree locations and unload trailer. Great pay and good hometime. The fleet managers and planners work hard to get you home.
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4 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?I was Virtually unsupervised. Do your job and you will hear from your FM 2 or 3 times a tour. Enjoyed the job, enjoyed the customers. Not a free ride but overall very satisfactoryWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?They do press you to stay on time. Obviously not always possible. Usually will work with you if you have legimate concerns.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?I found it good. Supportive and encouraging. Keep in mind you are expected to perform. My FM did a good job with respect to hometime, emergencies etc.What is a typical day like for you at the company?I would usually work most of the 14 hrs day. Sometimes it involved a lot of driving, sometimes mostly unloading. It came close to what I was told it was and expected. Don't expect it to be perfect. Some runs where more tolerable than others.
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Not the best

Decent company bad fleet managers. Pay was ok for someone just starting out. Management could be better. Unless you don’t need your back don’t pick up the family dollar account.
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3 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?They orientation process was setup the best it could be. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?While working Dollar General account I do not believe they fully understand some of the conditions they put the drivers into but yet and still they expect the driver to make it happen or get it done. The stores have too much inventory and when the driver shows up he has to make room for more with no assistance and if you call fleet manager or DC the response is to figure it out and get it done. Had to take leave of absence to take care brother who had a massive heart attack and hospitalized for month and half. after he passed I went to grief therapy and was terminated before I return from leave of absence. They did offer me the opportunity to come back but on a different account with different home time which is what I was hired for. SO it was OTR or find another place to work.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Get it done by any means and we will listen to your complaint when you return to the terminal or the DC, but nothings changes moving forward.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Get paperwork, find load at DC lot and deliver and offload load to stores.
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Unorganized, inconsistent, but flexible

My paycheck is always short I have to call my FM to remind them to correct it. Sometimes my truck has been in the shop for days and I have to beg for them to add my breakdown pay for a couple of weeks before they get around to it. This place is good to get your 1st year of experience, then move on. If you have a family emergency or situation, they will let you deal with it without giving you flack.
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They throw there drivers under the bus for anything

Really having problems with comunication the there is 0 with dispach with Fleet maneger low pay and they forget that you have a family and the they are first.
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Great pay but don't expect to stay, high turn over

Was hired as a solo driver for dedicated dollar select account, but then after a few months they started to show signs of unwanted. After they used me, best believe they have tried to move or get rid of me early. Be warn and have a plan to move around and protect your license at all times. After a year, they forced me off the account, and wanted me to work at northeast while extending my time out to a month. Had no other choice but to protect my license from what they've been doing by routing toward inspection sites, while giving unsafe trailers and cahooting with dispatch and so forth. Great pay but not for long term, unless they like you.


Great pay


stressful and high turn over
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Good work place other then waiting days to get loads

Would give 5 but loads take forever to get and pay is always getting messed up and havevto wait till following week to get paid,but office driving managers are great
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A Lot of Hurry Up and Wait

Only speaking from one person‘s experience. There is a lot of potential to offer so much more, however, there is a lot that does not happen. Unless a driver is a workhorse, where salary does not match the work output, then there is not much money to be made and a lot of work to do. This company is not ideal for caregivers or single parent households. A lot of breakdown pay for trucks being held too long. Certain areas are better accommodated for than others as far as where a driver lives/ works and parks the truck. Work 6 days to make what other companies pay in 5. No personal conveyance allowed.


Truck, gas, insurance paid for.


Poor communication, lot of breakdown pay for keeping trucks too long
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Poor workplace

Low payBad managementNo freightInternational trucks onlyThe absolute worst company I have ever worked for. These recent weeks I have been getting $850 to $1000 while my availability to work is 24/7, 7 days a week despite my $1,200 minimum pay per week.


Low pay, bad management, no freight
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Poor Pay

For the amount of work and waiting you're expected to do as a driver for this company, you should be paid better than their CPM rate. I've waiting long hours and never received detainment pay
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Almost never home good pay checks some routes Are bad they send you where they want to too even if you don’t want to drive there they don’t respect like the say they respect drivers
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Good place to start

People say what they want but Werner will hire you straight out of school and get your experience up. I've averaged around 1200-1700 per week with them, some loads are good some are not, 70% drop and hook with my account, it got better with time and if you can adapt to them taking away personal convenience you will be fine.
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It’s ok

Great company, clean trucks, I was on their Home Depot dedicated account my only complaint was the pay on this account it was very low and I made more working in a warehouse.
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Find another company

This place is a complete disaster. If you have any driving experience, go find a better company. If you are fresh out of school, go find a better company. It seems werner goes out of their way to exploit every legal way to not pay you fairly. No breakdown pay, no detention pay, no pay for sitting in a shop or their terminal waiting endlessly to get your truck serviced. No spare truck if yours goes down. There are no safety incentives but the company will bust your a** nonstop over safety. Vacation pay is a joke. Comes in on your anniversary date as an retention bonus so its taxed to death. Takes 5 years to get a 2nd week of vacation, if you can even call it that.




Employees not valued, terrible benefits package, extreme micromanagement
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Over the road

Over the road some regional. Good people at the terminal ......And good training 👌 the pay is on time Benefits and all the good stuff. Not bad Company to start you career.
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Regular large company

Decent big company To be honest all of those big companies doesn’t offer too much but werner was ok it was my first company and i dont regret it. Get into a dedicated account as soon as you can.
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Fun place to work

Good place to work. Good people and good trucks. Hard work and okay money and away from home a lot of the time but overall a good place to work in my opinion
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During the day shift it’s okay. Night / weekend shift sucks

Weekend shift would hold your load for 3 and a half hours before dispatching you so your always late. If you even get a run. Don’t plan on getting over 2500 miles they tend to restrict and make you sit for days if you made over a set amount.
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2 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?I had good equipment, but the miles were not there. You are just a numberWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Dedicated account not always truck friendly. As always some of the store personnel were difficult to deal with.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?I you do your job you are left alone.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Receive your dispatch and do the deliveries. Work 14 hrs. Then stop for reset and continue the next day until load is complete. Return to DC and wait for the next load. Sometimes more than a day.
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