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  • Director general
    aprueba el desempeño de ERIC FULLER
  • Fundada
  • Tamaño de la empresa
    más de 10 000
  • Ingresos
    20 mil mdp a 100 mil mdp MXN
  • Sector
    Transporte y logística
  • Oficina principal
    Chattanooga, TN
  • Enlace
    Sitio web de U.S. Xpress
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pre solo driver en east of I 35
el 17 junio 2013
horrible period point blank. only thing I liked was meeting other cool drivers.
AnyFirI Started Here In March Of 2011 Running As A Team With My Trainer From Another Company. They Ran Us Like A Solo Truck Giving Us 500-900Mile Runs. Biggest Check I Got Came From The First Cut Of Bonus Money You Get From Running As A Team. I Went Solo All Hell Broke Loose. Never Got Home On Time,Truck AC Kepted Having To Be Fixed At There Different Terminals. I Got Fired Due T Being Late On About Five To Seven Loads Totally The Six To Seven Months I Was With Them. They Screwed Me With My Dac Report Because I Haven't Been Able To Get On With Any Company. I Tried My Best At This Company But They Sincerely Don't Care From Safety,Dispatch,Break Down Etc. It Was Times I Couldn't Even Get A Hundred Dollar Advance Because I Hadn't Ran Enough Miles. Could Only Get 25 Bucks N Barely Got That. This Compan Put A Bad Taste In My Mouth For Driving Period.

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