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dias muy ocupado, trabajo bajo mucha presion. trabajo en equipo
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Not a bad place to work at decent benefits pension paid time off vacation. Holidays off as well many incentives to earn even more money. Would go back if I went back to banking
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Company wants you to do the jobs of multiple people and excel but doesn’t provide the resources. Managers make you aware that you are disposable and keep a toxic work environment. Tellers doing the work of everyone, understaffed and just expect the tellers to carry without extra pay or benefit.
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Typical Contact Center

Typical micro-managed contact center. Depends on what you like, what you are accustomed to and what you will tolerate. Pay adjustments are always needed.
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Started off good, don't be fooled

Started off good until we became short staffed. You are expected to do all the work. Manage the platform and the drive thru and lobby. You will not get promoted within, even though you've been doing everyone's job for the last year. They will hire someone new with no experience. Raises are 3% at the most, which is about an extra 20 cents an hour. Management and regional management have unrealistic goals and expectations. If you get below a 9 on the client surveys it's taken as a 0 in the eyes of management. Find a different bank to work for.
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Poor managers

very hierarchical, pay doesn't keep up with economics (e.g., inflation at 5.7% with no pay raise), management is not communicative, very click-ish, skip-levels disengaged with staff
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No direction

There was a lot of confusion due to the merger and not much direction from the top. Processes are being put in place so hopefully things will improve
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Pay is Fair, but Short Staff adds lots of stress

Truist is a great place to begin your banking career if you want to get into the industry. Pay Is fair and benefits are great with a 401k plan and pension. My only complaints are training was too quick and not as efficient. Most of my training came from hands on experience with clients. Also every branch is understaffed. Most branches have 5 employees max, but 4 seems to be the average. This adds a lot of stress to your day.
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Loved it!

Best job ever! My team and boss was the best! I learned a lot about commercial real estate loans, commercial loan processing, title insurance, and lines of credit
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Fun place

Fun plans to work I enjoy the experience just don't like location good training good though and it taught me to be a great worker to go above and beyond.
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Great place to work!

They truly care about their employees and pay is competitive. Plenty of opportunities for advancement. Also pension and 401k match. Great benefits! I highly recommend.
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Overall A good place to work.

I worked for this company over 4 years ago(before the name change, it was still BB&T) and it was a great place to work overall. There were issues with management that arose every now and then, but it was never anything that was impossible to fix.
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Lacked good management

My experience is that there is too much work little training, management is not supportive or is completely unaware of the workload. Very poor work/life balance.


Great coworkers


Poor management
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Complicated to do a simple task

The more you do the more they ask for but pay stays the same. Plenty of employees that have been with the company are not payed accordingly. If you want good benefits and secure paycheck every other week this is your place to work.
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Not great

Back stabbing, incompetent managers, 6 day work week, stress enough to put you on new medications. Horrible to work there… I wish I could get Bach the years I wasted there.
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Management at many branches is unqualified

Individuals are treated differently. Some have to follow rules; others are not called out or disciplined for not following.Customer service has been outsourced to India; very frustrating; most are hard to understand and can’t solve the problem at hand.


Decent benefits


No flexibility with life’s demands. Expect way too much for the pay
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inclusive culture with opportunity to advance

Truist is a wonderful company to work for. Pay is very competitive and the benefits are awesome! At Truist, you never really feel like you're on your own. There are many resources to assist you to complete your tasks correctly and timely.
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Used to be great place to work before megrger

Loved BB&T. Hated Truist. Loved my supervisor and team. Hated being short-staffed to the point of indefinite mandatory ot. Dealt with many angry customers because new processes were not communicated across the company. Many incorrect calls were sent to my deoartment. No urgency from corporate to resolve issues.
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Company provides great computer training for your job role with an instructor. Con to that is once done computer training finding training on site can be difficult they expect you to know everything right away.
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Team environment. More of a sales environment than implied.

Training was sufficient in classroom setting with others onboarding (5-7 employees). On the job training was not as good as all employees were in their role less than a year as the company had just opened in the Charleston market. Fortunately, I was experienced in the industry and only needed to learn the company systems, policies and procedures.
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Great place to work not to advance

Great place to work but little to no opportunity for advancement. Benefits and salary are superior to other companies. Company allows work from home as well.
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