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I was nervous about starting but when I got there it was all that bad

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it was pretty cool working at Publix i meet A lot of nice people there and my training was so fun just putting a smile on the customer faces but the hardest thing about the job was trying to keep up with the cashier but other than that it was a good experience working at Publix.
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There's a lot of turnover in the deli. a lot of work in deli with minimal pay, evaluation is annual. some co worker purposely slack so your force to pick up their slack so you can go home. Closing is horrible because of that. They do give gift card here and there.
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Productive and fun

It was a great place to get back into cake decorating after taking a 15 year break from it. Worked with great people learn skills to advance my career.
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Always busy, mostly easy

Stocking you could try to take charge if you wanted to advance or work in frozen where you're the only person and its all on you. Or you could easily work horse it and just run floats all day. You learn where everything is pretty quickly and you'll mostly run floats and take customers to items. You have to be able to unload trucks too, which if you're in frozen is pretty hard organizing pallets into a tiny freezer, but if you're in regular grocery you just unload pallets and line them up in the back, only difficult thing is they can be quite heavy. Other than that, mostly just loading floats (or the team leaders will load them for you), taking them to the isle, putting the items on the shelves, and then taking the cardboard back and crushing it. And cleaning and organizing, but that's a given. Oh and, like I said you could pretty muhh just run floats if you wanted to but you'll probably have to make sure displays are stocked at some point and help managers set up displays.
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bad pay

good place to start if you 16 and want your first job. learn to interact with customers and you can meet really cool employees. Easy but pay is not good.
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Fun job, exhausting

didn’t mind the job too much but management was horrible and rude. Working long hours on your feet all day and they didn’t care about anybody. Only sales and money and how fast you could do your job
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?At the Produce department is the best part to work at What is the most stressful part about working at the company?At the grocery department. That’s the most stressful What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It’s likewise and nice to work with others What is a typical day like for you at the company?Happy everyday that’s the typical day
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Its a decent paying job with the ability to improve

Pros- 401k, the ability to go up in management, great insurance coverage. While there are pros the cons would be to many customers.
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get to meet cool people

managers want respect without giving any, and they think they can talk to you any kind of way. you get to meet a lot of cool people but there is always some sort of drama, they act like children.
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Cashiers, beware

If you or any of your loved ones want to work at Publix as a Cashier, please have them read this review. If you are looking to be a cashier at Publix, beware that they will put you on the schedule to be a bagger (which can mean you'll have to retrieve the shopping carts outside of the store). If you cannot do this task because of a health condition, you'll need a doctor's note. Instead of hiring cashiers to be cashiers, you may work as a bagger which is ridiculous as that's not what you were hired for; even your job title states "cashier". If you are assigned as a bagger, you may need to finish Instacart orders to deliver them outside. You don't know what exactly you are "doing" until you see your schedule at work. Cashiers at Publix (starting pay) do not get paid enough. Every year you get evaluated based on your performance and if you pass from the passable score range, you will get a raise. You can change your hours anytime you need to, but keep in mind that if you are not on the schedule for a day you usually work, you WILL get called. People will ALWAYS call off in CS and that is why you will get called. Depending on the management of your store, they can be incapable of making a schedule or hiring enough people. Even if you state that you prefer to work on work days, management may not even care to keep note of this. You may get half-hour lunches or even an hour lunch, so screenshot your schedule(s) on your phone. Your hours can get cut when they hire new employees in CS, or management doesn't know how to make a schedule to give shifts to those who always show up to - 


an hour lunch, sometimes free snacks or food in breakroom


management doesn't care, customers are rude, repetitive
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Productive and good company

It’s a great company to work for with great job security. The work place is very clean and professional. Management are very open with employees and do what they can to help fulfill their needs.
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Great company to work for

Publix is an excellent company and provides opportunities for existing employees to move up. They have great benefits even for part-time. I moved away from their service area, and unfortunately no longer work there.
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Not what it used to be.

Was a great company back in the day when original owners had it. If you end up in a good store and with a store.manager that doesn't play favorites based on who goes to lunch with him, you're okay. It was a high stress job though. Bakery department by far is the most understaffed and hours have to be cut in order to make numbers. I was doing several jobs in addition to running department. Some days I had to be the baker, cake decorator, sales clerk. Often all in the same day and at the same time.
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4 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?The benefits What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The customersWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Fun and fast paced
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It's never consistent, management is Corrupt, and advancement is the hardest thing along side being noticed for your hard work.

I've been working for Publix for about 4 years and the only reason I stayed with them as long as I did was because I felt like I put too much of my time into the company. If you are a hard worker that wants to be recognized and get good pay and good hours DONT work for this company. Management is constantly changing and in my opinion they hire and promote the worst of the worst. If you enjoy spending time with your family and having some mental happiness I recommend that you try for a different company. I know I am.


Absolutely nothing


Management, pay, not getting recognition, hours, employees
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Nice JOB very good company. They give you a lot of stock. The pay is also pretty good. very nice place to build a life. work schedule is great love it.
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Great place

Great place for retirees and students alike. Good pay, benefits, and great people. Recommend for part time or full time. Good managers clean work.received a gift card for thanksgiving.




Work late sometimes
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Great Place to work for Young People

Great place for young people juggling college or high school. It is a great first job. There are opportunities to move up in the company; however, only those who plan to make a career at publix receive any promotion opportunities.
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It was okay

Not good not bad. It was just ok. Not the best company to work for but at least they had good benefits for full time employees. Part time employees had it hard
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Not worth the pay

Alot of work for little reward no overtime when plenty of work to go around no support from upper management always be pulled from job to job without finishing anything
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Nice Job with good benefits + weekly pay

It was a nice flexible job , had bonuses, flexible scheduling, respectful managers, and pretty alright co workers.It just can get stressful at times just like any other jobs during busy hours.
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