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Acerca de la empresa

  • Director general
    Todd Jones
    aprueba el desempeño de Todd Jones
  • Fundada
  • Tamaño de la empresa
    más de 10 000
  • Ingresos
    más de $10 mil millones USD
  • Sector
    Ventas al mayoreo y al menudeo
  • Oficina principal
    Lakeland, FL
  • Enlace
    Sitio web de Publix
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Publix en I was a bagger
el 15 julio 2019
I was nervous about starting but when I got there it was all that bad
it was pretty cool working at Publix i meet A lot of nice people there and my training was so fun just putting a smile on the customer faces but the hardest thing about the job was trying to keep up with the cashier but other than that it was a good experience working at Publix.
Cashier/Customer Service en I won’t say
el 16 agosto 2021
Horrible place to work
I have talked with my manager many times about hours, always saying I’ll get more… I have 5 hours next week. Most paychecks don’t go over $120 (It’s sad I know but manager won’t do anything). Benefits are the only good thing but you need 1500 hours a year to be able to get stocks or health insurance. No organization at all, management is lazy and they will lie straight to your face. Pay is basic, you could get way more anywhere else. Decent starter job, not a career. One of the few companies forcing employees to wear masks even if vaccinated and even if you have breathing issues (Yes, even in the Florida heat while outside getting carts). Overall I suggest just staying away from working here, you will be sorely disappointed.
Deli Manager en I worked at 8 different publix
el 7 octubre 2018
No work life balance
Publix is only a place to work if you are willing to marry it. The management is one where anything that is not perfect is unacceptable. Never recognizes any improvement only focuses on the negative. As a manager expect to work a minimum of 50+(I averaged over 60+) hours and know that no matter the improvement no matter how hard you work the upper management will ALWAYS push you for more

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