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Mucha enseñanza y desarrollo laboral dentro de un compañerismo bueno..
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Horrible company

They under pay and over work their employees. There isn’t much room for improvement in pay. Even when offered a managing position the pay isn’t great
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Decent benefits

Toxic work environment. Literally only working here until I graduate college. Nothing ever changes, horrible turn over rate, upper management likes to put blame on everyone but themselves, etc.
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Fun working with animals but everything else sucks

It's fun to spend time with animals at work but the company does not care about you whatsoever. I was part time and sometimes worked 15 hours a week or 39 hours a week. This made my schedule super inconvenient and hard to plan anything, someday I would start at 5 am and some days I wouldn't start until 7pm. Never had a choice in my schedule and was constantly called in on my days off. Almost impossible to get any time off. Pay is bad and they don't give any raises.
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Part timer- not great

I'm here for extra cash and make around 12 an hour as a cashier. Management and coworkers aren't bad but they are only driven by metrics. We are always slammed and if you're sick, good luck.
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Fun But Challenging

Not a bad place to learn about basic management techniques and training and how to deal with customers and employees... but upper management can make it hard for you on a day to day.
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Decent Pay, Toxic Culture

A typical day at work: Generic retail tasks plus animals. What you learned: I've learned a lot about animals which is cool!Management: Poor communication from managers and a sense of indifference to work/life balance. Work until 10 pm? Oh well. See you again at 4 am. Workplace culture: Borderline abusive at times, with upper management setting unrealistic goals for minimal hours and pay. Yes, I'm full-time, but that rarely means 40 hours. The hardest part of the job: surviving the culture. I'm a lead in merchandising and inventory and once had my boss refer to my job as "grunt work." The most enjoyable part of the job: Playing with and caring for animals.
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Absolutely horrible their turnover rate is thru the roof constant calls , and you'll get fired for missing one word on a verbatim that's constantly changing
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cliquey high school culture, some of the people are super cool but are burnt out within a few months and quit. management has no clue what they're talking about with no salon experience but will micromanage groomers. your hours will get cut, schedule will be changed randomly, and you'll get yelled at by customers all day <3
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Fun work place under the right environment. Get one bad manager and things go south.

Was okay, went great for a while u til we got 1 bad manager and everything fell apart. Didn't feel like corporate cared about me or anything. Great for learning how to groom.
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Not a bad company to work for but also not great. Especially when it comes to grooming, most managers only see numbers and will push you to groom more dogs than you are comfortable with because they only see things on paper and do not account for the fact that you are working with living breathing animals that can be unpredictable.
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They care about the bottom line. Not you or animals.

The best thing about working here was the day I quit. No support from upper management. They make you be shady to customers leading them to believe they are getting more care for their pets in the “Petshotel” when really the dogs are all in cages, stressed, and sad.
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I learned petsmart is never happy with anything and there's no direction from management. Unsafe place to work. No advancement. No help from supervisors.
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Hope for a new Manager..

The team was fun and supportive. As well as some of the assistant managers but the main manager was always riding me and giving me the worst even though I did not slack and always remained professional. I think he didn’t like me because I have a record. I rarely felt appreciated.
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Liked my direct manager, but had a hard time doing the work.

I really had a great time here my first few months, but faced trouble when I got pregnant. While I liked my direct supervisors, the store manager was an overbearing personality that thought proper coaching involved berating employees with no constructive criticism. Also was put on closing shifts alone and then coached when I couldn't get things done quick enough by myself while pregnant, no matter how many animals were boarding. Holidays were really hard to work due to this.
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Fun place to work

this is a great place to work only complaint is pay is not good for the amount of effort you have to put in. but its fun and the coworkers are amazing people.
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Regular warehouse problems

The toxic management, smoke screens, emphasis on production, and mandatory overtime is enough to make anyone quit, but not when you’re making well over what everyone else in the bethel area is making at a warehouse. Every day the only thing I hear people say is, “I’m still here because of the pay.” When I said I needed a new job for better flexibility they fired me. You have to try to keep a job here. Other than that, the work is easy. Just don’t get on anyones bad side or YOURE OUT! Worst part for me was the emphasis on production percentage during a system update that hindered the entire warehouse. No one could make percentages. And management did nothing to fix it. They only came down harder on the employees with the promise of, “we will fix it.” Sorry but they don’t know how to. Best part is some of the leadership that worked their way up really have a great understanding of what the culture should be like and what the employees want. So the leadership is good and bad. With the bad ones always firing everyone for anything they can. Sad. A regular work day can just be picking if you have or can learn a lot of patience with the headset and the new system that no one knows how to operate. And then maybe if your production numbers are good enough you can get cross trained or move into another position. With a lack of trainers and a high turnover with constant new employees coming in, it’s hard to see any cross training in sight. So you must have a lot of patience for this company. And they won’t appreciate anything but good numbers, so don’t get off task to try and solve a systematic - 
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Not a bad job just needs to be more people with positive attitudes because some people don’t know but the way they carry themselves can give off bad vibes
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Engaging environment and fun culture

I am always learning in this environment, no matter what conversation I have with whoever. Always learning more about each job function, as well as more about others and myself. There is a lot of room for personal and professional growth, which I like a lot. The hardest part of the job is early mornings, but the day goes by quickly with fun engagements and fast paced environment. Management works to be on the floor and engage with everyone, but there could be a clearer streamline of communication. They always want to hear what people have to say about the day to day issues. The culture is fun and friendly, and there's a constant support to be yourself every day. It's okay to slip up sometimes, as long as you're working hard and doing the best you can, which I really like too.


Lots of room to personally and professionally grow


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Horrid place to work

The store is disgusting. We are understaffed because everyone keeps leaving. Management does not care about us or the animals that we sell in the store. The animals are treated as product and not as living beings. I hate having any part of it and I am leaving very soon. The culture is terrible. It feels like high school all over again. People talking behind other’s backs, shifting blame so that they will not be at fault. The managers also take part in this childish behaviour, so it’s not going away any time soon.


Making customers happy


Long hours, hard work dumped onto one person, understaffed, underpaid, under appreciated
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Hoped for better

Management liked to ignore me asking for help.Would ignore me asking to be trained or taught new things or things i was meant to learn but never did since i was hired during the holiday season.Was chastised and written up for trying to do my job and getting hurt and reporting it.Was made to feel like things not getting done timely wasy fault even though it was because we were understaffed. (I.e. not finishing dog walks before 8pm. You try walking 50+ dogs and giving them time to finish in 3 hours)Being ignored when needing breaks from play room.Corporate making us pretend we were a toddler daycare and making us into entertainment for passerby rather than enrichment and exercise for the dogs.The only positives were the state mandated 15/hour minimum wage plus regular client dogs who recognized me. Maybe the LGBTQ inclusive atmosphere.
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