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Tienes que ser rápido al hacer las cosas, y tienes que soportar regaños y actitudes prepotentes, pero sus prestaciones son buenas.
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toxic place to work

The managers are rude, irresponsible, and don’t care about their workers or customers. Bad place to work. The work place and environment is really toxic.


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Very productive work place

‘‘Twas okay, worth the pay.! Yeah that’s all I have to say about this place I mean we had good times and I loved some of my coworkers.. the management tho


Free lunches


Short breaks, management
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Average food service job

Some good, some bad, but there was decent pay. Management is strict and back of house is hard on the back. Front of house was chaotic at busy hours but I think average otherwise.
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toxic environment

management was terrible, expected you to give more of your time to the company and give up your time as a full time student. worse place to work. hope things have changed.
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Overall Good job

I’ve been working for panda for a year and half now and i can say it has been quite the ride. I would suggest be ready for a heavy work flow and some miscommunication with scheduling in my experience
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Ok place

Some employees should not work here! Nasty and very unkempt. Management is ok. Biweekly pay is the pits. Some customers feel entitled and are EXTREMELY rude! Other customers are EXTREMELY nice and respectful even give tips which we are not allowed to keep but I do at their insistence. Free meals are a plus however, don’t indulge too much.
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Okay pay, but no communication from managers.

I wish I could say Panda Express is a great place to work, but sadly its not the case. The people there are nice, just the managers are always treating new people like work horses and are very disrespectful towards me. I was harassed for using my the restroom and they waited outside just to scold me for using it. Other times I was told not to stop working while they relaxed in the back and talked to others. I feel as though they play favorites. The food is good to eat once per day and the pay is slightly above average for this area around chino. The only thing that killed tge experience was the lack of true leadership skills in the management.
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Personal development

There are moments at work that push your limits, but it always comes with good reason. Management has been pushed and trained in ways that shape them into the people they are.
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Do not recommend.

I worked here for about a year and a half and it was mentally draining. Super toxic, full of drama and managers play favorites. Do not recommend working here at all unless you are prepared to deal with a toxic environment with toxic people.
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Productive and fun workplace

Panda is a very fun and supportive environment to work in. Hours are very flexible and the team works as a unit. We get free food on our breaks and good quality
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It's okay

Panda is okay. The pay has increased to 16/hr where your not really doing anything hard. Very flexible hours . They will give you time off if you need it just ask in advance
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Great job

It was one of my favorite jobs. My manager was understanding and cared for her workers. Pay rate was reasonable. The only cons were dealing with rude customers, but that's expected in any customer service job.


Career growth, free meals, good management


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Not good at all

Where I worked it wasn’t that great especially the managing they do they have favorites to do the job for them and it gets annoying and didn’t pay well and when I left didn’t wanna give me my last check
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Fun work place and fair as well as good training

It was pretty much good from the very start, they’re straight forward with what they need form you from the very beginning and they made it fun for me to learn instead of getting angry with your mistakes. The pay is well for a starter
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okay job , flexible and decent pay, people are sometimes difficult to work with so you need to have some sort of patience, very fast paced during lunch hours
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Good place to work at. Managers are nice and you make friends

Gets very busy in the afternoons. But during the day it’s very chill. The job isn’t hard at all. When it’s busy, you need to move fast. You cannot be slow.
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They are a big company with strict policies such as ensuring break times or splitting job roles fairly.

As a counter clerk, typical day at work would be stocking, doing cashier, mopping floors, cleaning windows, drive thru and carrying dishes from kitchen to counter. There will be at least 3 managers telling you what to do. Super busy store so constantly doing physical work every minute you are there. It's nice that they are strict about giving proper breaks. Hardest part is definitely drive thru where you have to complete start to end within 2.5 minutes and doing physical work for 8 hours straight. The most enjoyable part is probably being in a supportive environment.
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good first job

Decent first job good hours management will make or break it. Workload is heavy and can get stressful but overall manageable. Good experiences with coworkers.
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No es buen lugar para trabajar

No tiene. Respeto humano por las personas que trabajan ahí, pagan muy poco para lo que exigen
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Not the best environment in terms of inclusion

Management did not care about the employees feelings in any aspect. A lot of the employees were petty in many different ways. Wouldnt recommend if you dont pick things up super quickly
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