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Equipo muy eficiente y con muchas ganas de trabajar y enseñar-
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Well run company but very political

Good promotion process and a great place to build career. Pay is a bit lower than comps but reasonable. Must have good relationship with your managers.
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loved the work but not to co-workers

It really depends on which department you are in. Both me and my husband worked for MS and he loved it--still does--but I didn't like it at all. Funny enough, the work itself was ok. Nothing too difficult but overall enjoyable. Some of the co-workers were absolutely terrible and were in cliques already and didn't welcome new employees. Very strict rules, too, the boss sent out an email to everyone with a warning tone after someone arrived at work at 9:02 instead of 9:00. Back then they also had a ridiculous dress code. Pay was OK, not exceptional.


relatively stable job


unfriendly co-workers and terrible boss; long working hours; very strict rules overall
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Nice org to learn and grow

Had a wonderful time with MS, people are technically sound and good ,pay and bonuses are good .. public speaking platform toastmaster is good for developing communication skills
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Very fickle

They hire and fire temps way too often. They are always hiring because they don’t keep anyone. I gave them another chance but after I learned the job they ended my contract early. Then I got called f ok temp agencies a month later for the same job! They lowered the pay $1 an hour! So basically I was let go because they wanted to pay less. They claim they want to hire people on full time but it’s a lie.




The training is horrible and they don’t keep temps even if they say they do.
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Morgan Stanley Overall is a Good Company to Work For.

The culture and the people are good. I do like my co-workers and manager. The benefits are good despite the deductible plan health insurance coverage. I was concerned about the higher payroll deduction in order to have a smaller deductible but it's not bad. Becoming licensed will help one advance quicker. A typical day involves responding to client inquiries regarding their account, ingesting documents into the proper queue for processing from various incoming correspondence. The position becomes difficult when systems are down and processing workarounds have to be put in place which causes duplications.
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Leadership from top down treat employees poorly, No empathy different standards for different people,Wrong people in wrong positions creating a micromanagement approach, work load shift primarily o n next in line with no resources to complete.




Feedback based on one emoyee and things out of emoyees control
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It was my first experience working for an fortune 500 company. The environment and the people that I work with everyday was an new experience for me as well.
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good work life balance, job security

Job is not very stressful, collegues are smart and hardworking. They invest in you and train you upp, even pay for your english lessons. If you do well you can get promoted.


not stressful, can pick what time I start


nothing comes to mind
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Great company

The company is great overall.lot of emphasis on employees and career growth. Work from home options have increased with COVID .benefits are great. Love the culture
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Demanding but NOT Compensated Fairly

Morgan Stanley is a fast-paced, highly demanding job that requires significant extra hours just to keep your head afloat and the pay is not worth it. No loyalty to employees.
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Talented people to work with

Helping and collaborative culture.You will need to show up your work means you should have ability to market your job/task which you have done for growth in your carrer
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This job is not the place you want to be. Management does not treat their employees nicely or fairly. I am a recent college graduate and this is not the place.
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Cutthroat no direction

They barely gave you any real-life training. Before they make you do these useless role-plays after having been in CBT-based training for a couple of months. No actual real coaching.
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Exactly what I expected

It was decent pay was a bummer and hours were long. Nowadays I don’t regret leaving. Maybe that’s harsh but it wasn’t very exciting. Not for me. Thank you.
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Productive and good ciulture

Good tech stack being used. Legacy system being upgraded. Management pays attention to your professional growth and let's you take internal mobility in case you are not satified with your current work
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You get to work with smart people

Not to hard to move internally. Work life balance is ok. Pay for back/middle office is not competitive especially if you have been there for a long time.
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Get every ounce out of you without paying for the level of work

Extremely challenging workTremendous effort to succeed not rewardedToo many silosManagement is only concerned about themselves and their bonuses. They're very territorial and go after each other instead of finding a common solution.
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Great place to work

Takes the health, diversity and inclusion of their employees seriously. A company that actually "walks the talk" when it comes to embodying their values. Hard to get ahead at such a large organization, though.
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Industry Leader

Industry leader with a lot of smart, hard working people. A lot of interesting strategic acquisitions that can be accretive to the direction of the business. Busy days. Talented co-workers. Return to work will be interesting.
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Tough enviroment

When I worked here, was extremely full on as a PA and you definitely got landed with work last minute and late in the day with total disregard of the fact you're an assistant and should be able to leave at a reasonable time (this was pre-Covid). Lots of people leave because the culture is quite hierarchal and exclusionary.
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