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Trabajo regular a medio estar de pie todo el turno de mínimo 8 horas overtime ocasionales Ingresos medios bajos horas intermitentes pero estabilidad laboral
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Too much corporate micromanagement

Lots of micromanagement. They constantly hound you about metrics and care a lot about hitting all the specified numbers vs the actual patient. Continually adding on different responsibilities but no actual compensation to reflect the expectations
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Good work for a college person looking to keep head down

Management were not great, job was fine if not for them, dealing with customers wasn't the best but it never is, but typically a day on the job was putting items from trucks/skids onto shelves in solitude. If not for management I might still be there lol.
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Loved it

I loved it nothing bad at all great people great pay great friends an coworkers they always have your back no matter what just a great place to work awesome
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Good place and good manager

It’s a pretty easy job once you get to know how it works and then my manager is pretty straightforward and seems reasonable to deal with. It’s only rough when it’s busy while being short on crew.
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Not worth it

Stressful, not enough help, the union is not for you they're for protecting kroger. Not a great place to work, management is not on your side. I would stay clear of this place.
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Upper management problems

District managers have ridiculous expectations and only focus on everything negative. Your are extremely micro managed and expected to have everything done but also not to be out doing things yourself.
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Repetitive,good, very easy, a typical day what you learned management workplace turnover workplace culture the hardest prt of the job the most enjoyable part of the job
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good workplace

good place to work for a first job, definitely don’t plan on making a living working there lol. the employees are super nice and friendly but the managers arent
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The biggest waste of 26 years while passing up so many opportunities elsewhere

What is the best part of working at the company?It was close to home. That’s about itWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?No matter how hard you worked how much they wanted you to do unless the right person liked you you couldn’t move up in the companyWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Just like any other job, the good workers get forced out or feel like they need to move on while the bad workers get all the promotions and the high-fivesWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Walking in the door immediately can’t wait till your shift is over to get out of there all while keeping a smile and being friendly to every customer no matter what
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Toxic work environment

I was hired initially as an overnight stocker. The demands placed on me were way too high and realistic. My coworkers were very negative and unsupportive.


Close enough to walk to, favorite place to grocery shop


Toxic work environment, negative coworkers, unrealistic work demands
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Management here sucked. Pay was ok but enough for amount of work. Always understaffed. Holidays and weekends were horrible especially with little to no help.
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Good People, Good Ideas, Too much work

Mostly positive colleagues who support and encourage an environment of growth- however others operate the complete opposite with nothing done but blind eyes turned to employees/vendors/trucking companies being spoken to disrespectfully. Visions and goals are fantastic but direction to achieve is unclear, and time is not provided to achieve. Growth opportunities and pay are decent, but be prepared for long hours and mountains of work. No recognition or plan to moderate work load, but additional tasks and expectations are routinely added for that feeling of never being done- additional staff is absolutely needed. Hard to drill into opportunities or focus on a key metric, when your day is 12+ hours of just trying to keep your head above water, do what absolutely must be done, attend all meetings and wade through mountains of emails. I look forward to strong leadership advocating for a better balance so that the amazing staff they do have, can minimize burnout and focus on improving Kroger…. Versus just having the time to maintain it.
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Absolutely amazing coworkers!

My coworkers from this job are amazing! There was never a dull moment during our shifts together and customers were usually nice. HR department is nice as well.


Amazingly fun coworkers


Not allowed to leave for workplace injuries.
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Ok job

Easy work but always understaffed. Hard to move up. Good benefits and discounts. Very bad turnover rate with managers.
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He double hockey stick of a work place

The management is one to work with the atmosphere is dull and could do a lot better the mangers judge makes it hard for you to ever get a raise has very little growth
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Good benefits, mediocre hourly wage. Company is in panic mode all the time. Sometimes topic A is the most important thing in the world. The next week it doesn’t matter at all. Constantly reporting out, conference calls.
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Good job for high school and early college

It was a nice place to work for the time I was there, management worked with your schedule and were very flexible, all the other employees were super nice also.
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Great job

Loved it enjoyed I all the people I worked with and the staff was great. Great atmosphere. Great benefits and time off is a lot. Would recommend this
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It was an ok work environment. Everyone acts like high-school students for the most part. As long as you do your job and don't care to have much of a social life. It's a good job for the pay
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Bad all around

Bad organization Bad Supervision No employee incentives Absent point system horrible they give points and threaten termination even if you’re under Doctor care. More drivers then routes You work either 4:30-1pm (with no shift differential) 5:30-2pm or 1-10
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