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Great company and friendly people.

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I am new to the company. So far I have seen nothing but good things. I am confident things will only improve going forward. I will definitely see improvements as soon as my training is completed and I gain experience.




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Diverse workplace!!

I love working here with all these new people, it is honestly refreshing to have a non-toxic workplace. Me and my new friends are going next week! Overall great place to work at.


Paid breaks, free complementaries in the break room
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Inter-Con a good company

Inter-Con is a good company to work for and all the people who work here treat you with respect. The interview and hiring process was the quickest I ever applied for as I started in less than a week.
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Productive and fun workplace

Very wonderful company, ran by wonderful people. I am very happy to be working here. If I wasn’t working here I do not know what I would be doing in my life.
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By far the worst company I have ever work for!!!! If you have two jobs kiss one of them goodbye this company doesn’t care for their employees and other obligations as far has another job, kids or even just having an life, they constantly change your schedule with early notice and the pay isn’t as expected. They’ll tell you they’ll take care of you and promise you one thing but give broken promises! If you plan on taking any vacation just throw the whole vacation away they won’t approve your request or they’ll tell you find someone else to cover you (when that’s the supervisors job) again this company is not all the way together the way they operate you would think it’s a new company
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My life with Inter-con security

It’s ok the job it’s not really hard it’s how you make the out come to be especially dealing with the homeless you have to know how to treat them they are human too
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Good work site

Great people to work for and a great site. Hours are good. Other guards are a pleasure to work with and supervisor is fair and looks up for everyone.
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I enjoy the work I do

This company has given me the opportunity to open doors I never knew I could. Inter-con security is a job I'd recommend to anyone the pay is good and the supervisors are amazing.
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No order

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work there, they have poor work ethics. They are very unprofessional & filled with drama. My time was up, turned in uniform.
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Flexible Work Place.

It's a flexible position. You're able to pick the hours and days you want to work.Diffrent assignments and locations. Bi-weekly pay. Their is some room for advancement.
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I like the company and the staff. They are very helpful but they are hesitant when I ask for their name.

I have been employed by Inter since Agugust 24, 2021. The first months working with Inte Con were good because I was working enough hours to support myself but the beginning of this year everything change. There was never any work I was working very few hours and I was not happy! I would not recommend it to anybody. That’s my opinion .
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It’s a real cool company to work for.

My review comes from the experience I have had working with other security companies, and I must say by far this is a cool company to work for. The team that gave me opportunity was really helpful and I appreciate them. Thank you.
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Good relationship with my supervisors

Your immediate supervisors will work with you as long as you have good attendance, are on and try to do your job as well as you can. It is a highly technical job as you are protecting serious data information from being hacked, stolen or compromised and corrupted. The hours on duty can be challenging due to lateness to work or call offs.
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always had po9sitions and hour also overtime always available

Good company to work for always had openings ,overtime always available friendly staff and room for oppurtunity growth in the security field. The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to assist people from all over the world sharing information and keeping a safe workplace for employees and customers,keeping a neat desk clean bathrooms andf offices. Opening and closing stores ane designated hours.
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good workplace culture 🙌

I work for inter con security for 19 years they are good 👍 to me I hope work for them until I 66 years If. I need eny they help me buy working for them I got home and good life
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Ehhh What is going on???!!!

Not really a bad company to work for... If you want to work they have work!!! Be ready to travel a little bit though if you really want it!!! Alot of out of town posts!!!


Plenty of downtime!!!


Work 7 days a week w no days off
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Unprofessional & very little communication

The pay is not worth all the hour spent away from home with the added part that lost times it is not consistent. & even when it is their contracts switch so often that there’s always resizing or shifting of locations being done. Everyone from higher Managament and down is extremen unprofessional. I’ve had issues with payroll multiple times as well. Find another job if you can!!
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Very productive

I learned a lot of experience from inter-con security system of Guinea, l was trained how to protects life and properties and l was rewarded with a Certificate and a Diploma after the completion of the bases security course giving by the inter-con security system of Guinea, l am very proud of inter-con security system of Guinea, inter-con was a complete school.




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Standing not worth the money

They don’t tell you that all employees stand in hallway no one allowed to seat but have a option where the data systems it hot in there and noisy the chair is for when you wound down the techs they give you heavy boots to wear you often have to stay there when someone don’t show up to work they randomly give you 12 hour shifts on the schedule When someone call out they expect you to stay because its a small group
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Not fun and they make you go out of your area to get work..

They promise you mileage and when you travel they do not want to pay you your mileage!! They tell you when you call that there is no available post in your area and force you to travel hundreds of miles for work.. Then they do not want to pay you your mileage once your work was done...


Not much about any pros...


Renige on mileage!!
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Typical Security Contractor

Although they personally treated me fine there was a very oppressive environment overall towards employees in regards to management style. The contract manager that was promoted elsewhere shortly after I started would throw angry fits, swearing and yelling at people, very demeaning. The equipment was Chinese junk and the training was not well organized or even effective until the end of the contract when they brought real professional trainers onboard. If you really need a job then go for it, if you have other options then ask questions of existing employees to see it it is for you.


Management was rarely in town.


They often didn't seem to care if the work met the government requirements.
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