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Se requería como en todo trabajo responsabilidad para poder realizar mis labores, paciencia y empatía ya que se atiende mucho publico.


pago al dia


no todos respetaban las normativas
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Horrible job security

Employees are often in and out, If you join you will deal with relocating homeless people from businesses it is not as bad as it sounds. Management is very poor and training very brief and most employees aren’t properly trained on how to do their job l, bad job security. Management is horrible.
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Inter-Con Trolley Contract

Working on Inter-Con's contract with the San Diego Trolley is probably the most fun I've ever had at work. Great line supervisors that really care about the front line staff. Great company values and an exciting work environment.The hardest part of the job is dealing with inter-con itself. sub-par uniforms, the cheapest possible equipment, and they are constantly shorting you pay. Leading to hours spent out of the field and dealing with payroll.
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By far the worst company I have ever work for!!!! If you have two jobs kiss one of them goodbye this company doesn’t care for their employees and other obligations as far has another job, kids or even just having an life, they constantly change your schedule with early notice and the pay isn’t as expected. They’ll tell you they’ll take care of you and promise you one thing but give broken promises! If you plan on taking any vacation just throw the whole vacation away they won’t approve your request or they’ll tell you find someone else to cover you (when that’s the supervisors job) again this company is not all the way together the way they operate you would think it’s a new company
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Very fun exiting Multitasking job

Multitasking Security Jobs , Air train and Airport many posts I’m still waiting for to work and good teamworks and the supervisor are positive 100 percent polite and very professional! I’ll tell everyone who likes challenges 😊


This is only Company has on Jobs Training 👍


Be professional
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Easy money

Easy money. Nothing really to do but patrol and make sure your schedule is always updated just in case someone calls off. No inspections and make sure you’re in uniform
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Laid back and easy

My direct supervisor was awesome and helped fill in and assisted when personal issues ever came up. The job was very easy but it gets repetitive and boring after a bit.


Good pay, got my steps in


Can be monotonous
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A Good Experience

I worked briefly for Inter-Con before realizing the post I would be working probably wasn’t going to be a good fit for my style. (I have to stay busy doing something and I found out in training it would be pretty stationery and routine).In my brief time at the training faculty I was impressed by it and the staff who worked there. The facilities were newer and nice, and the staff were top notch. They were extremely competent and professional but also friendly and fun.If the job had been a better fit for me I think it would have been a fantastic place to work. They paid very well and seemed like a well run organization who treats employees with respect.My one suggestion for them would be to make the job description as clear as possible. I understand with government contracts this can be difficult but if the description for the job I took was clearer I would have known from the begging it wasn’t a fit for me. No regrets from me though, I met some great people and learned a few things in my brief training.In short I would recommend Inter-Con to anyone interested.
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Road to nowhere

Poor management. Dysfunctional . Most of the leadership does not care about the employees. Very poor morale. A lot of turnover. They take advantage of the employees.
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Happy to Return

Recruiter was extremely helpful, encouraging and welcoming...I am a rehire and was most welcomed upon my inquiry on rejoining the organization.Recommend organization to officers seeking stable assignments.
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Rude and disrespectful

I’m a student so I’m working a part time job. They treat you like your a tool not a human, when you call off even if you absolutely need to they threaten to take you off schedule.
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Productive and fun work place

It’s a great experience for first time security officers and they make sure u comfortable and learn a lot from your team and learn different work ethics on each post and the pros and cons of being a security officer


Great post and excellent supervisor


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Decent pay, and well organized. But they make you drive along way for the job site.

They promised me one position but due to some miss organization, that job was no longer available after i started working. They made me drive over 50 miles in heavy traffic to get to another site. It was costing me too much money to continue working for them.In general they are a very well organized company, but some of their supervisors don't know whats going on.
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Great Place to work at

When I first started here i have reservations about the company was expecting the worst. Since I have been here however it has been like a dream come true from the atmosphere to the people .I couldn't ask for anything better, While the do have their imperfections like most companies do, I will say that the overall experience does more than meet my expectaitons
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My life with Inter-con security

It’s ok the job it’s not really hard it’s how you make the out come to be especially dealing with the homeless you have to know how to treat them they are human too
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Wasn’t good to work at

Get used and abuse, have no days off. You working long hours, have no time off. Has terrible management. The pay is the only good thing, but other then that it’s not worth it
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Terrible management

This company uses its recruiters to promise you a certain schedule and job, but when you actually start working there it turns out to be completely untrue. If you’re considering working here, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.
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Need to get it together and unfair

Got let go with no previous warming due to a family emergency. They only care about coverage. No armed officer hours. Constantly change or take away your hours. You never get the full 40 hours. Not really willing to work with hours you need. And never get relieved on time due to people always calling out at the supervisors always working to cover the open spot. Pay is good if yoir lucky to even get the position you need. But not worth it.
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Great pay as an officer

The pay on the contract is great and the benefits are not bad. There are pros and cons to every job, and this one is no exception. However, it is what you make of it. They will sponsor your DoS TS and the networking is awesome. Just show up for work on time and don't create problems, many will do that and then blame the job for their problems.
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I have to call to schedule work. Sometime they have a lot of work sometimes not. Good for college students. Sometimes they give incentives to work more.
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Very good company

I like work with this company and good manager very good time and good Securtity company and I like this work they gave me good experience and good training
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