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It's a job

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Yep, it's a job. Not much to say. You take orders from customers and don't make much money, but management is fine. I got enough hours to make it worth it while I was going to school.
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Smoke and mirrors

They take anyone tell then don't miss and get a raise... never got it neither did 4 people . Mase people management with no raise but long hours. There blood family working there so they did what they wanted showed up when they did. They got raise we got hours cut.


Free lunch


No break.
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great ppl

i love it here we are the world we are the furture people who care is a great place to work i would not want to work where prple are not nice friedly


cool ppl


fun careinfgplace
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Management needs to improve. If you want a job where you’re told constant what to do knowing you do those exact things every single day. Then by all means stress.


Simple work


Biased, low pay.
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Easy PZ

Easy going place. Nice job start out from highschool into college. Appreciate the meals when you dont feel like going to the store. Easy cooking. Tram player environment.
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Good ol Hardees

Ask your manager to do a Food Trade. Met lots of great people there. Had some of the best times there. What else can I say other than the world revolves around Hardee's
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Great place to start. I started off there you know and it made me a better person. Great management by far. Co Workers complain of course but that’s any where but the work is pretty cool just be a fast worker
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College job

No overtime, management took all the overtime. They were salary which didn’t make sense. Free drinks and discount on meals. Burgers were bomb. Fries were ok.
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Short staffed and a Bit over worked at my location

When I was working here in 2021 (Afternoon shift), they were short staffed. There were days where I was the only cashier taking orders in the drive- thru and in the dining, room. Work consisted of Taking orders bagging food making drinks and prepping some food. Overall, it's an easy-going job most days you're doing literally nothing but cleaning. There was diversity but like most jobs what made the job suck was the manger you had that day. (Some would have you do more unnecessary work than others.)


Easy going, Free lunch, Diversity, 30 min breaks


Short staffed
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Horrible place to work with horrible management and horrible customers. The place was absolutely disgusting and the people were even worse. Please do NOT work at any Hardee’s EVER.
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Breakfast time was always fast paced. Great people to work with, and they always worked with you on your schedule. I would definitely work for them again.
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?Workers make you feel like family.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?When some of the customer's food isn't ready. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It's like a Black Latino community. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Smiles and laughter everyday.
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About Hardees

In my company we work together. We help each other out. I like how we can count on each other to make things happen. We have a flexible schedule whenever we can’t come in on that day we are able to get rescheduled.


Being able to communicate and have teamwork with my coworkers.


Not being able to get any breaks
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Not good

Socks bad everyone is bossy and mistreats you and pay sucks and the food is nasty and no one respects you and they are never satisfied with anything that you do
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fast paced good environment

working at hardees is an experience.You must efficiently manage sll your time in the shift and work wirh others fluidly to get the job done fast and correctly.
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Fun, easy, too early in the morning

Great place to work, but showing up at 4 am was rough for a night owl. Still, I got used to it, and there's a lot to be said for being off before noon.
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Don’t work here the managers don’t help at all. This place will leave you with crippling depression. I didn’t sign up to be the only person doing anything.
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Great place to start out

It’s an ok place to start out. Just know if you’re a cook in the morning you’re going to have to get up at 3 and start serving at 4. Everything’s fast paced in the morning. It doesn’t stop. You get half off on food free food if you work over 5 hrs. The grease traps are heavy and they stink, but you’re expected to take those out
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Not a good place to work

The managers don’t care about your problems at all they can’t work with you you miss a day for being sick and your fired unless they show they’re favoritism toward you the gm will cuss you out and act like it never happened terrible terrible place to work they don’t care about anyone or anything the place is always nasty cause half the workers just don’t care




Everything is terrible
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Fun place to work

Got free fries and drinks made my own specialty burgers Management was great knew Very friendly All Though the bathrooms need be cleaned betterT
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It was oh okay

Its oh okay but u couldnt get to go home when u were to n u had to leave when the time u had to go home tho n the pay wasnt fair tho n some of the ppl were totally mean n some of the ppl were nice but I couldnt get along with the ppl who was being mean tho n I felt like I was being traget at bc I was the only white person in the front on the cashier tho
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