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Overworked and Underappreciated

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This company rewards bad behavior and does nothing to support their good employees. Management is cutthroat and corporate cares about nothing other than lining their own pockets, at the expense of their overworked and greatly underpaid store employees.




Low pay, managers are abused
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Over worked under paid

Dollar General has the worst District managers and Regional managers at this company the hirer ups only care about themselves if I was anyone stay far away from this company
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The customers are the best part of my job

Been working for DG on and off since 2015, they don't care about you as a person! Pay is horrible especially for the workload you have to do! DG wants you to be flexible but don't value you as a person...they don't care that you have a family kids or anything else to do besides be there when they want you too! Most of the DG managers come to work and do nothing but smoke cigarettes and demand for you to do all the work
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Few employees per store, bad management on all levels.

At DG, there is always supposed to be at least two people on shift at the same time. On the other hand, there are also only two maximum people on shift at the same time. It is a constantly reoccurring issue that upper management cuts the hours they give to stores, leaving one person on a shift alone for four to eight-plus hours by themselves. In doing so, they expect that single employee to run cash register, help customers, stock truck, clean, and watch for theft all by themselves. In addition to this, the maximum number of employees per store is less than 15, meaning less people to call if someone else calls off.Upper management will outright tell store managers that their employees are not worth the money they pay the employees, whether the store is best or worst in its district. Store managers make it difficult for normal employees to take vacation time and attempt to guilt employees out of taking their vacation time (only full time employees get paid vacation and benefits), likely due to the lack of total employees in the store. Attempting to push back for more employeesnor hours given to the store, or decent wages are all met with "send in a ticket" and never gets dealt with and tossed under the rug.All in all, Dollar General tries to understaff, overwork, and underpay its employees. The lax uniform requirement of a black tee shirt and any jeans may be a plus, but the toll it takes on a person is not.
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Easy work but the worst company and management

Its very easy work, anybody can do it. The only problem is its the worst company because they could care less about there employees. The management is just straight trash.
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They hire too many people to give good hours. The store manger try's to work with you and is very fair. The organization of dollar general is a joke you'll always have no idea where something goes
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Best job I’ve ever had

I love working at Dollar General, if I had to pick something I don’t like it would be the fact that they don’t give enough labor hours in the stores so the manager could work more than one person besides his or herself during the day or evening shifts. Lots more stocking and straightening of the store could be done if there was more than two people working per shift.


Work really well on your scheduling


Not enough labor hours
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The best thing about my store is I have a store manager that really appreciates his employee's. As his assistant manager we have developed a great work ethic and having a balance is what makes us a great team. He goes above and beyond for each of us.
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Barely any hours, no training, bad turnovers.

There was hardly any training. Hardly any hours available. No room to move up unless you choose to go through management program, with barely any training there too. Unprofessional and absolutely underpaid.
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Easy job no hours

Dont expect to work many hours and expected to get it all done alone. Management is okay they try their best. Sad part is how they throw out so much food and products
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Not fun and very disorganized

Store is always a mess, customer service is okay, they can never keep people for more than 6 months, manager is very disorganized, will tell you in front of other employees how they feel about you
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Typical cashier job however most dollar store organizations seem to be run down and less cared about over the years. Employees and management are over worked and pay is too low to attract new hires. Probably only work here because you have too.
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Loving my Job

I am loving my new job everyone is so helpful and caring. It is like a family not just a boss and workers feel all the time. The job is easy and fun. I truly enjoy how if I need help with anything my store manager will help me with it being a problem.
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Flexible with scheduling

Way understaffed. Merchandise everywhere in the store. Everyone works hard but the store gets nowhere. Way too much stock. Corporate doesn’t care enough to fix it. Customers are nice and so are coworkers.
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Understaffed dirty rude no decent hours

Worst job iv ever had bad pay bad attitudes. Over worked and understaffed yet only the assistant and store Manger get decent hours . I would recommend just running the other way .
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Really enjoyed my time there

I enjoyed this place it was my second job and I couldn’t have had a better team to work with they always helped me when I needed it and I did the same for them always gave me time off or leave early since my kid was having problems at the time
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This is a really fun job as long as at least two people are scheduled!

I was a closing key holder with this company for a year and it was a really fun job. The only thing that wasn't fun was having to accept the trucks really late at night.
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It's enjoyable place to work

I enjoyed my job,I took my job serious,always focused on doing my best,done as instructed by the store manager,the Asm, and key holder on duty. Somehow or another, after all my devotion I put in, I was fired my our district manager. I've been disappointed and depressed since. I want my job back,I need the income, I miss being there.
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Friendly and fun workplace

My job is centered around teamwork. We all work hard to keep our store beautiful and our community supplied with the things they need. It is hard work, but it’s very rewarding.
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I loved working at this job and it was fun and exciting.

My job was very rewarding, and I enjoyed the customer and was on first name basis with most of my customers. The hardest part was the time ratio that was expected and the amount of work load was almost impossible to achiive with the amount of employees and hours allotted.
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Worst company you could work for

If you enjoy getting disciplined for a dirty store, but yet management doesn't do a thing to help you, this is the job for you! If you enjoy having 30-40+ carts of product in you backroom and it's packed and you’re drowning in product, don’t count on this company to refuse a truck to help a store even try to get caught up on the 30-40+ carts of product. They will tell you how to do your job, without being in a store setting for years & don’t even get me started on the pay! Its not worth what you make at all!


There are literally no pros


Horrible pay, You basically live there if you want to make any real income, you drown in all the trucks they send, rude management
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