Let's Do The Work

To Those Who Get the Job Done

How have we remained a leader in the industry for the past 90 years? It’s simple: we have the best people getting the work done. Our employees around the globe work daily to produce quality products through quality work. They play a vital role in building the world’s infrastructure - the small, the big, and everything in between. Their commitment to doing the work, putting in the time and getting the job done is the heart and soul of everything we do at Caterpillar.

Redefining the Industry

We strive to celebrate and empower the people who do what it takes to move our world forward no matter their gender, appearance or background. We will call out the opportunity to eliminate gender bias in the industries we serve; because there is a future generation of world builders eager to learn and to drive our businesses forward – and they should have every reason to believe that anyone can do any job with the right amount of passion, dedication and expertise.

A Unified Team

At Caterpillar, we believe each person is unique and valued, and are committed to ensuring that our workplace is diverse and representative of the many customers we serve around the globe. Different perspectives help us achieve our best work and come together to form a high-performing Caterpillar team that makes positive changes in the communities where we live and work. That’s the Power of Everyone.

Digital Innovation

Cat Digital is the brains behind the iron. Bring your talents to making our machines work smarter.

Global Student Programs

We believe in student programming that puts meaningful work in the hands of those with a fresh perspective and the drive to do the work that matters.

Dealer Technicians

Dealer Techs keep our machines up and running so our customers can build a better world.

Production and Engineering

Our production and engineering teams are the boots on the ground, developing solutions and bringing them to life to make our customers work more efficiently and effectively.

Acerca de Caterpillar

Caterpillar has been building world-changing solutions for more than 90 years. With offices and facilities in more than 180 countries, what you create at Caterpillar travels and helps people around the world.

Our teams treat each other—as well as customers—with integrity, accountability and courtesy. Our employees have built Caterpillar’s reputation
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  • Are you leading your own career? Jessica Zobac has compiled five tips to help you become self-aware, bold enough to make a change, and empowered to take back control of your career path. 
Tip 1: Be Open to Jobs That Aren’t What You Had in Mind
Tip 2: Bloom Where You Are Planted 
Tip 3: Know What You Bring to the Table- and Who You Want to Sit With
Tip 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Say No 
Tip 5- Own Your Journey
Head to the link in bio to learn more about her tips. #iAmCaterpillar
  • Roberta Scandolara of Caterpillar Brazil started 20 years ago as an assembler on the factory floor and eventually worked her way up to a 6 Sigma Blackbelt managing enterprise-wide projects. How? The hunger to learn, the confidence to try, and a powerful support system. Learn more about Roberta’s experiences and the advice she received that shaped her career at the link in bio. 
#iAmCaterpillar .

Roberta Scandolara, da Caterpillar Brasil, iniciou sua carreira há 20 anos como montadora no chão de fábrica, e eventualmente, chegou ao 6 Sigma Blackbelt gerenciando projetos em toda a empresa. Como isso ocorreu? Com a sua fome por aprendizado, a confiança para tentar, e um poderoso sistema de suporte por trás. Os principais conselhos que ela recebeu dos mentores a incentivaram a pensar e se comportar como um líder, além de se esforçarem para crescer e aprender, para que você esteja pronto para sua próxima oportunidade. Um ótimo conselho e a vontade de aprender é uma receita para o sucesso. Qual conselho você se identifica para ter motivação? #iAmCaterpillar
  • The only thing old school about HR Consultant, Kayla Myers, is her choice of TV shows. At work, Kayla strives to bring new ideas and improvements to existing policies- looking to the past as a place to learn and grow from. She says, “Our technology, our company and the way we do business is changing constantly,” she said. “If we stick with the same ideas, and do not generate fresh perspectives, then we’ll become stagnant.” Learn more about Kayla at the link in bio. #iAmCaterpillar
  • In this month’s dealer tech spotlight, meet Candice! Candice is a service tech at @carolinatractor where she specializes in the 3500 series Cat engines. So far, she’s participated in 3 Cat C9 engine rebuilds and several other industrial equipment repairs. Dealer techs are a vital piece of our business and we are proud to shine a light on their accomplishments! Keep up the great work, Candice! Learn more about opportunities to start your journey as a dealer tech at the link in bio. #iAmCaterpillar
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