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La compañía no valora el trabajo del trabajador ni tiene en cuenta los años que dedicas a la compañía a la hora de despedirte
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There are outdated systems at the company, and the CEO is unwilling to upgrade them. If you are going in as an associate, you should go to McDonald's or work at a retail store instead, because the rate is not good. The coworkers are great, but the company is really outdated. Management is poor, so I would not recommend a career-oriented person to work for this company. The company has no HR or structures in place. The CEO is only interested in the Vice Presidents. Working at correctRX is miserable. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME working for this company, it isn't worth it. DONT MAKE A MISTAKE!
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Pharmacy Drama

Seems like working in places like these, I was never given the opportunity to grow. I overly worked myself to the point I would come in early and stay until midnight. I was never appreciated or taught properly. Management was okay sometimes, but needs more people. They need to make room for more people to be there. The stress in the place was not worth it.
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Its alright for the experience

There were some situations that management should have handled differently in my opinion. There is a lot of favoritism that goes on in the workplace. Work culture needs a lot of improvement, but there's not much to do about that since a lot of it is attributed to coworkers gossiping behind your back/ each other's back. Stay out of the drama and do your job and you'll survive.
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Great Job

The job was easy. Disgruntled customers can be a pain and the coupons were alot. There was enough change in each day not to be completely repetitive. Pay is on the low end. Though
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Leadership concerns

there were leadership concerns. Lots of office politics. Benefits were on par. Bad work/life balance - many times felt like you were working 24/7. Pay was average
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No work/life balance

Constant unavoidable messages on your day off, but generally good management. I wouldn't work there again but I also wouldn't discourage it for someone else. The pay was competitive for 2018, I'm not sure if it is anymore though.
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Very fast paced

It’s very fast paced. I think active employer should get more coupons. They usually eat at the store or snack or get a cool drink.Or give up some good coupons that will last at least a month.
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Productive until it was not

Manager was excellent loved the job worked remotely great pay, great work life balance. Learned alot about the company was able to move to different department started in claim adjudications. Great people to work with. Hardest part was with the pandemic work slowed down lack of work which is when layoff started.
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I only worked here a few weeks (suddenly had to move to another state to care for ailing parent). I did enjoy the work there. It was a WFH position which helped me a lot. Great company.
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Work life balance and loneliness

You work alone primarily in every role. And there is no flexibility with when you work. And if you are like me and work a lot sometimes they give hours to their favorite employees and you get the minimum required hours only. If you can not find someone to switch shifts with you can’t be off no matter how important it is unless you just call out anyway.
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Not always enough staff. Stress level can be high. Management is usually non-responsive and unhelpful

Helping and getting to know the customers is the best part of the job. Often there isn't enough staff to work the schedules so you are left doing multiple duties working in a high stress situation most days. Management is most times unresponsive and uncaring to employee concerns and requests. They will tell you one thing and then nothing happens. Usually due to management being overworked I would think.Hard to grow in terms of getting mentorship because fellow co-workers don't have much time to help so one is left on their own to study and get certification. It's hard to apply what you've learned because there is no time to work in the position due to lack of enough employees to keep up with daily work requests so you are left to work drive-through and not allowed to work in production ever.
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Busy location; needed more help

The management for this location was great, it was just always a challenge because the store never seemed to have enough people to meet all the expectations from corporate.
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Great place

Great atmosphere, some other employees were hard to work with but management took care of that. There’s plenty of overtime if needed but no pressure if you can’t do it.
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good place to start

if you are a person who has a soft personality, you could get emotionally abused by the customer cause some will yell at you and give you an attitude any chance that they get. The management is really good, love the pharmacists but the issue is the people picking up their medications, hence why they need them.


good starting pay


short breaks, and the 12 hour standing shifts.
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Great Company

Great company to work for. Lot's of opportunity but you will not advance if you do not drive your own career advancement.
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Great team!

At the specific store I trained as an intern, had the best team at the entire store (both store and pharmacy). Everyone was very kind and worked as a team. Great place to learn with supportive preceptors!
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One of the worst companies I’ve ever worked for.

Horrible company and I came from Dollar General which is another company that treats it’s employees terribly. If I had the choice between taking my job back as a Store Manager back between these two I would probably choose DG before CVS. Either way both were probably two of the worst jobs I’ve ever had. Upper Management is awful. Training is pretty much close to none. Would not recommend this company to anyone.
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zero work life balance

No work life balance. Have to open and close the store by myself. No proper training. Does not set you up for success. No support from the upper management.
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Lots of training, good pay. Overwhelming

If you enjoy helping people with insurance this is the job for you. In depth long training, good pay but can be overwhelming at times with customer constantly having problems, no tier 2 support worth using.
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selfish managers

Everyone just cares about their own job not very caring managers will switch you up from departments always, pay is not high is 17,50 starting and it’s very stressful
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