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Buen trato lavoral

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Empresa sólida con muy buen trato i una buena remuneración a final de mes e un buen compañerismo tanto de trabajadores como de manayers e lids


Seguridad al trabajador


Falta de interés al trabajador
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place to make money

not a lot of hours but you can always pick up shifts. some pa help and some don’t. it’s ok for people who are in college or if you just need a part time job
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easy work feel like robot and nothing working here

Easy work 12 hour 3 days in a row shift but also 40 min to get to work made it hard working here and getting sleep .Nothing else to say but that make sure you choose a good shift.
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Good job that offers an abundance of opportunities

You move up at your own pace, there alot of opportunities to find a career, even if not with Amazon. School is free. Benefits are outstanding. Laid back environment but work is steady and they are very strict about safety.
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Great place to work

Great place to work. Pay is good benefits are great and overall work environments is stress free. U get 4 days work 3 days off and always opportunities to work extra
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Lack of growth opportunities, must beg to learn.

Employee development is the least important thing for Amazon, internal promotions are lower paid and barely offered. The preference is bringing in management with zero experience instead of training and developing existing employees. Don't look here for a career you can do better elsewhere. Time off options & benefits are the only saving grace.
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Great Company

Best company I have ever worked at. They value your work and life balance. No other company values their employees and clients the way that this company does.
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It's not bad

You will use all your time just to protect your self from mandatory overtime, and MET is increasing every year. Time for workers to stand up and demand 'optional only' overtime policy.Obviously pay will never increase due to low economy and Amazon just being cheap.On a good side lots cool people working there
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If you value your mental health don't work for them.

Amazon is good if you have nice Operation managers. All the nice OPs left and they created unfair policies against me. Plus you will not get your final paycheck. Stay away.


Get paid daily


Too many rules.
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was fun sometimes but your always treated like a number

over work you, the pay Is not worth it, they call overtime for no reason at all, if your don't have a life outside of work this is a great place for you! also the management and upper management DO NOT care about you they only care about rate and if you don't go fast enough they will write you up. plus the Paid time off stops accumulating beginning of summer so good luck during the winter time!


get to wear what you want, and take whatever days you want off as long as you have enough time


short breaks, over worked, hard to get promoted, favoritism, just a number to the company, don't work with you etc..
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Physically demanding job. Good pay it’s something getting use to especially if you are not use to a fast paced environment. Long 10 hour days definitely
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Management priorities

Management is only interested in the numbers that's all.. change stations and departments very frequently on EVERY shift. Changing stations is not fun or productive.
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gd company

the warehouse is very busy but it's 4 hours so it's an easy job. people are nice and welcome and also they are very friendly and managers are very supportive.
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A place geared for work and employee

There clear expectation what needs to done. Only thing that is a negative is new policies are not communicated to all shifts. Too many people and not enough leaders to guide lead people.
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Could be better

Felt like a robot most of the time. I do like the fact they would offer time off and vacation . Various work schedule helped alot. It killed your body hard and that didn't help at all.
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Good management and good pay. You get what you work for. I just had to expand into something new. First job and I really liked to be part of the team
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Hard work - YES

Yes, it is hard work, but there is fun to be had. The breaks are fair, the facilities are excellent, if you have concerns, management will listen & act upon it immediately. Perks are great. If I could, I would return there at the drop of a hat!! I actually miss it!
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Be prepared to give up your social life once employed by Amazon. Good jobs are given to people with no experience. Lots of dishonest management. Jobs are given to favorite individuals AND THEN the position is posted AFTER the spot is already filled. So don't expect an interview because management has already filled the opening.
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Poor pay for poor job

Very hard physical work for low pay. You will be in a constant rush, breaking your back throwing 20-kilogram bags on the 2.5-metre level for the ridiculous money they pay here. I don't recommend even thinking about applying here.
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Great benefits, easy work

Easy entry level work but you are really nothing but a number to amazon doesnt matter if you are a top picker, packer or taper amazon will not help promotevthe hard workers just the ones who are buddy buddy with management. They bring in inexperienced college grads who have no idea how to preform the job but tell you to do better and work faster
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Not bad

The work isn’t too hard, people are okay. Management, most of them are okay, some have a rotten attitude, but 90% of them are nice and understanding.
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