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Es un trabajo estresante y duro.

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Es un trabajo estresante en el que la mayoría de veces se hacen muchas horas y solo se pagan las que estas en ruta y en ocasiones tienes rutas entremedias que tienes que esperar en fin muchas horas mucho estres ya que son rutas de 2horas que hay veces el trafico y el tienpo te lo hacen dificil y no llegas pero para enpezar en reparto esta bien ya que lo tinen muy bien digitalizado eso si usas tu propio movil no te facilitan ningun dispositivos para desepeñar el trabajo y libras cuando ellos quieren. No es de los mejores trabajo pero tanpoko es el peor.
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Chill environment

The only reason I don't work there anymore is just because of the commute for me. You just show up, clock in, and do your job. No micro management, unless you're slacking off, but I really liked making my own schedule too.
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Not a company that values their employees

No manager knows your name, your login is how you are identified. You are forced to work HARD, FAST physically for 10 hours, standing on concrete, in very poor air conditioning. Like working in a sweat shop, in poor working conditions. You are written up for disciplinary action if you are not working fast enough to meet Amazon's units per hour minimums.No growth opportunity, not a company that values its employees.
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Flexibility and making your own schedule

Flexibility: work when it convenient for you. The bad is the mileage, gas and the wear and tear on vehicle.Some blocks can be difficult because of the damage roads or the location with high crime rates.Some areas with traffic load can be dangerous because people are in a hurry, not paying attention, or distracted by their phones. Sometime you can be late for your block deliveries because of traffic or weather, must of the time company will still pay you for inconveniences.


Availability and flexibility


Low pay
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trabajo flexible

el trabajo es muy flexible como segundo empleo o para generar un dinero extra. puedes agendar la oferta de trabajo
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Side hustle

You got to like driving and it's best to have a nice size trunk or van due to how many orders you will receive. No benefits for independent contractors. A little annoying when you can't find the address keep a back up charger for your cell phone. Breaks are when you take it.


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The work location is different most of the times and it's fun exploring new localities, different colonies here at bhopal.

Amazon Flex is a great partime job.It provides blocks in the morning, afternoon, evening & even night blocks but before 12am.You can flexibly work here at Amazon, cope up with educational course/school college or your businesses.You can work during your free & idle time.


4 hours is the working period of Amazon Flex, but the whole nos. of parcel can be delivered with 3 hours so you get 1 hour off and i love it.


Blocks are not available.
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Delivery pay! Sometimes not enough for some deliveries

Some of these delivery zones are too far expanding out at least 17 miles sometime for deliveries for just a one or two items. I think that's not right, they should pay you more for going that far out instead of batching six customers orders all together and deliver to people's houses for one price when they should pay you more when they know that a customer lives a good distance from the store. A little extra pay per offer will help the delivery driver out with extra gas, oil,tires an wear an tear of their personal vehicle. This is my Bad about Amazon Flex. This is my Good about Amazon Flex, It's a great gig worker/ Independent Contractor job, set your own time an days you want work, You can work any day you choose Mon -Sun 24 hrs a day. It's totally up to you. An you get paid every Friday
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Good pay

The company has its cons but you gotta wake up early to catch the worm if you want to make money. Its flexible and you can make easy money with barely any hours worked.
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Maravilloso y gratificante, es una gran experiencia
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Fun place to work

Love the ability to choose my own hours and days to work. Love seeing customers faces light up when they receive their package. Overall good place to work.
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Easy flexible job

Given blocks of hours (1-5) to make deliveries within a given time frame. Can finish earlier. If you enjoy driving it's good fun. Some long journeys far from where you live can be annoying, but generally given okay routes and easily finish on time/
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Contract Terminated without Explenation

Everything was great for 2 years. The suddenly they terminated my contract and never explained why. I tried request further information and did not receive anything but the run around.
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It's hardly alright. Seems way better than reality of it

Pay seems ideal until you factor in your own wear and tear on vehicle, you pay your own gas, you'll likely end up an hour away from home when your block ends and not be paid for the drive home. Oh, and if you experience any issues/car trouble/stranded, they quickly remind you that you're an independent contractor, but not until after you've spent an hour on the phone with them as they promise they are working to help you and will do everything they can. Stranded into a wicked snow storm with no running vehicle suddenly, frostbite as I tried to stay warm in my vehicle on the phone with them, for literally nothing. In the end, they were only concerned about if I could finish my block or not. I had one package left and that was their priority. You're better off delivering with an Amazon DSP, you'll make more money, drive their vehicle, and actually be an employee with benefits and (hopefully) be cared about should something go wrong during your route.
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Flexibility is a giving in this Job

Great people to work around, superb team, great place to learn and be independent, awesome place to pursue and work your way up in career and achieve different goals.




Freedom in open Country
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There are always shifts available.

I like it there my only issue not being paid daily. I wish they offer bonuses like my other jobs. I get to work with someone riding with me so that makes me feel safer.
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I think it's nice, I can be flexible with my schedules, but obviously is not like having a full time job, you get no insurance, no bonuses, no healthcare, nothing, so it may be good for part time but definitely can't rely on it as a career.
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Flexibility to work and care for a family

I love that as a Amazon flex employee I have the ability to choose a shift that can be worked around my family life. I get the opportunity to meet great people and work with teams that teach me so much everyday.
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Worst job ever

Don't ever work for these people, they are very selfish and very demanding. Try not to take any packages back because even if the location is closed or inaccessible, in their eyes it is better to leave the packages outside to risk getting robbed and even trying to call amazon support is pointless as well, because they will tell you to bring the packages back and then call your attention for bring them back. REMEMBER IF THE LOCATION IS CLOSED LEAVE IT THERE!!!
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Motivation working

The good thing about Amazon is everything is easy and make sense to work with but there's a bad thing about Amazon is strictly rule and the the bad things about
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Was fun when I started and still is but over time when down hill

Working as a picker at Amazon has been a great job especially for quick money and to stay fit. To sum it up as a typical picker I learned to keep to myself and just do my job but after 2 years it got boring with no raise and no new learning curves.
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